Alarm Equipment & Sensors

Door/Window Sensors:

These sensors are placed at all doors, windows and sliders to detect the most minimal of movement. If these points of entry are moved even 1 inch the signal is sent to your control panel. These sensors use highly sensitive triggers that can detect the smallest of movements to help maintain your safety.

Motion Sensors:

Our sensors provide wall to wall coverage. However, for most homes we find that a range of 25 ft x 25 ft will usually fit your needs. If you require a greater range we will find the sensor to meet your needs. The detectors automatically adjust to their environment by compensating for temperature fluctuations so you’re guaranteed optional performance regardless of changes to room conditions.

Pet immunity:

Our unique technology allows the installer to select pet immunity if you should so desire. If you desire pet immunity this function will minimize the nuisance of false alarms by allowing pets of up to 100lbs to not set off your alarm.

We believe in top notch and cutting edge technology. But ultimately this is not about technology. It’s about people and the people that you care about the most.

Motion Outdoor:

The outdoor detector is used outdoors and in other harsh conditions. They use a combination of passive infrared and microwave detection. It can tell the difference between small repetitive motions such as tree limbs moving in the wind and the more purposeful motions of intruders. This sensor also comes with two sensitivity levels. The standard setting allows for a minimum amount of false alarms while the second setting identifies intruders more quickly but may produce more false alarms.

Control Panels:

Our control panels can be programmed to carry out multiple functions with a single keypad command. Bosch keypads guide you through system control with just a few simple steps. Or, arm and disarm the system with a wireless keyfob—making access easy when your hands are full, you’re in a hurry or you have limited strength or mobility.

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