Invest in a Security System

Even if you don’t go with Redlands Alarm, an alarm system will always be your number one deterrent for burglars. Make sure that a security system sign is visible in your yard. Most residential thieves stay away from houses with such signs according to the Office of Community Oriented Police Service.

Don't Show off

Leaving certain items in the front of your house of in your trash bin may unwittingly invite burglars to your home. Bicycles and scooters are easy to pick up and keep walking with. Make sure that you are putting them away after use. After a large purchase, like a plasma TV, make sure that you are not leaving the box by the trash. This announces to everyone that you have expensive and highly desirable goods ripe for the picking. You might also want to rethink a few of your interior designs as well if you from a quick view from the window you can see many high priced items.

Secure Your Doors & Windows

Older models of sliding glass doors are easy to pop out of the frame making a break in very easy. To secure simply put a two by four or a strong dowel in the back grove. Make sure to always lock your windows but you can also put a nail into the frame to stop it from being raised more than a few inches.

Don’t Leave a Spare Key Out

It may seem like the best case if you get locked out but it is like asking a burglar to walk right in. Instead give your spare key to one of your neighbors. Get their cell number to call them anytime you might need that key and also offer to keep an eye out for their house as well.

Don’t Let Your House Look Empty

The highest the number of home break-ins occur in July and August when families go on vacation. It is always good to let your neighbors know as well as inform the local police. But don’t let your house look empty. Avoid having mail and newspapers pile up. You might also consider asking a trusted friend to move your car occasionally to make it look like someone is home.

We believe in top notch and cutting edge technology. But ultimately this is not about technology. It’s about people and the people that you care about the most.

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